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Home of the Original Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub Tour!

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Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub Tour

21+, no exceptions. $24.99 per guest—drinks are NOT included in the haunted pub tour price but you will receive a souvenir glow-in-the-dark to-go cup so you can drink on the street (legal here!) in style. On your 2-hour journey through Savannah, you will be welcomed into some of the city’s most unique pubs in search of spirits of all sorts. In between drink stops you will hear tales in Savannah’s picturesque squares and spend time by Colonial Park Cemetery. Each haunted pub tour is conducted by an experienced professional guide. Reservations are required! The haunted pub tour meets at the Six Pence Pub, located at 245 Bull Street, just south of Chippewa Square. Call us for information about private bookings and Happy Hour tour availability – 912-238-3843 or book online below. You may also want to visit the Savannah Tours website.

Savannah, Georgia’s Oldest Haunted Pub Tour

Founded by Greg Proffit over 20 years ago, we have been leading nightly excursions into the famed Historic District’s most haunted corners ever since. We invite you to join us for stories of the spirits that populate our spectacular and truly haunted Southern town!

Look at the meeting point on our contact page. Make sure you join us on a haunted pub tour during your visit to Savannah, Georgia! Book online now, visit the Savannah Tours website now or call – (912) 238-3843

Creepy Stroll Ghost Tour

Our family-friendly, all-ages tour. Adults are $20; children $10. Under 3 years—free admission. Put on your walking shoes and get ready for lots of ghostly fun on the Creepy Stroll Ghost Tour! Your guide will share age-appropriate stories for children of all ages, and tales creepy enough to delight adults as well. Great for Girl Scout troops—we have awesome free patches for Scouts! The Creepy Stroll lasts approximately 90 minutes. Each tour is conducted by an experienced professional guide. The tour will start at the northwest corner of Colonial Park Cemetery (intersection of Abercorn and Oglethorpe). Please give us a call if you’ll have Scouts with you so we know to bring patches! Call for availability – 912-238-3843 or book online below. You may also want to visit the Savannah Tours website.

About Savannah Tours

Before starting Savannah Tours and becoming Savannah’s preeminent haunted pub tour expert, Greg Proffit was in the Coast Guard. He was stationed all over this great country. Upon his retirement, he chose to station himself in Savannah, Georgia because of her beauty, history and lifestyle which in many ways mirrors his own. Greg’s lifelong love of interacting with people and telling stories led him to begin Savannah Tours, and it’s been a successful endeavor for over two decades! Greg has been fortunate in his ability to help others and over the years has raised $40,000 for Leukemia Lymphoma with sponsored haunted room overnight stays, and his sponsored tours raised over $1000 for the Red Cross Katrina appeal. Thanks for your interest in Savannah Tours, we hope to see you on a haunted pub tour creepy crawl or creepy stroll soon!

Original Haunted Pub Tour – (912) 238-3843

Greg Proffit started the original Creepy Crawl haunted Pub Tour in Savannah, GA. Join us for a haunted pub tour evening which will satisfy your thirst for ghosts and libations.

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I am a local. I took this tour for the first time back in 1995. Just Greg and small group of us walking from the Pirate’s House through the empty streets of Savannah on a beautiful October night. It was fantastic! I took it again back in 2002 and again just last week. Its still a quality tour even though Greg has a staff of guides operating with him. He’s done charity tours over the years to help raise money for friends in the F&B industry in need. Its always a good time and he’s helped out a lot of people
Timothy Rowell
All the tour guides are funny friendly and keep your attention. seeing the night life of savannah while having a few beers? YES PLEASE!! This tour is fantastic!! I cant wait to fly down to Savannah again just go bring my friend on this tour for her 21st!!
Philip Allred
This tour was SOO much fun! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in having a good time while learning about Savannah!
Casey Anderson
I’ve been on the Creepy Crawl tour many times, with Greg on other tour guides. I’ve never failed to have a fantastic time. The combination of Savannah, history, ghost stories, and great guides is unbeatable. While it’s mostly just good fun I have had a genuine encounter with something. Of course that’s not a common occurrence but it can happen. Savannah is like no other place, the same goes for this tour.
Randy Shatterfield
It is the best walking tour in Savannah. I even heard Martha Stewart raving about it on her show years ago. And you get to learn where all the good bars are, that in itself is worth the price of a ticket. I send all my friends on this one.
Charles Durden
This tour is a really good time. Try it out you have fun.
Brittney Christian